land ownership rights

Party A sells a property owned by his wife to party B. In this transaction the survey nos of property was mistakenly quoted wrong but the document was registered unknowingly. Party B realised the mistake and approached party A for rectification. Party A agreed for this but in the meantime his wife expired who is the property owner.So party A rectified the mistakes in the document on behalf of his expired wife and the transaction took place . party A signed the rectified document.But in this transaction the party A 's daughters signatures who are also legal heirs of their expired mother are not obtained as they are minors at that time. Party B got the rectified document but the document was not registered for lack of knowledge. Party B enjoyed the property and after some years sold the property to party C mentioning in the document that the previous transaction was not registered . but the latest transaction between party B and party C was registered. Now the whether party C has full freedom and rights over the property or not?