mental harashment from my mother in law, father in law nd sister

I got married on 2012. my husband is no doubt a gentle man and he is a private job holder,Bt doesn't get enogh salary.he has a sister only ,who is now 24 yrs old.but my husband had been neglected by his mother nd father since the age of six months.then with a lot of pressure of my grand father in law husband's father did agree to bare a little bit convence of study from class 9, but only tution fees.never asked for food ,nor anything father in is a central govt job holder and his salary in above 50000.father in law never looked after his old father and mather too.when he got the govt job in durgapur steel plant got seperated.and let them leave a worst life.after the marraige of us in laws alws force us not to keep relation with others,try to create a atmosphere where i cnt eeven take a breath such they drink infront of me, sister in law too.i never brought up with all these shit. They never supported us when any of us gets ill or whenever we need them. Alwys tell lie.try to prove tht they have nothing.dont know why they alws try to do these. my no one of my husband family takes action againt im in bed nd taking medicine of anxiety,depression.they dont even try to make a call to us.but send different types of sms on my husbands ' do u remember ur fathrs name?'/ have u changed ur title general to sc" etc etc.. These all effect my mind a lot and i cant resist husband either is disturb.they have done wrong again and again but never get what sould i do? can i do a case against them? Please suggest.