Can a name be removed from FIR during investigation?

My sister was living with her husband and their one and a half years old daughter. My brother-in-law has some disputes with some people from another place. They had complained against him in a police station in their area. When police came to my sister's house, she was alone with her one and a half year daughter. It was 5 in the morning, there were 5-6 policemen with 2-3 outsiders, one of them was the complainant. some policemen were drunk too. There was no policeman with them from the local police station. They took her phone and collected some other things like laptops and ipad from the house and took my sister with them to their police station. they kept her in the police station for more than 18 hours and when I went there at 11 in the night, only after that they let her go with me. The refused to give anything back, neither did they give any receipt. They had captured two more people related to the same dispute. Till that time there was no complaint against my sister, otherwise the police wouldn't let her go. But two days later the police lodged an FIR for cheating and forgery against 5 people including my sister, her husband, the other two captured men and one more person. In FIR they wrote that once my sister was present with her husband during a payment, but there is no mention of the date, time or place. everyone knows that my sister has nothing to do with it directly or indirectly. what should we do now? Should we apply for an anticipatory bail or can anything be done to remove her name from the FIR. The FIR was lodged last week and now the other two captured people are on police remand. The police can arrest my sister anytime sooner or later.