Sales tax

I was made as a signatory to sales tax while working in my ex-pvt. l;td company. The company is not operating now and its directors are non traceable. I have left this co. 3 years back and I have no where about of its directors or their activities. I was to get more one one and half years salary and the case is in the Mumbai High court. The office is under litigation and Kotak Mahendra got an injunction and it is under the court receiver. I have given a letter one and half years back stating that I am no more with this company and my name may removed from their records and I got this letter acknowledged from the sale tax. Last week some one came to my residence from sales tax asking for me and in the same evening I was called in their office and without my knowledge they have taken my statement and asked to sign the statement. I was not having my spectacles and I could not read the contents of the notings. I am a retired person and I am 61+ years old. I was told that as and when they call in their office I must attend their office. Please advice what action I could do in this case and how far I am involved. I was not dealing any sales tax matters in the office and I never signed any documents related to sales tax. I was working as D.G.M (HR & Admn) and I was looking after matters related to that only.