Subsistence Allowance - reg

Dear Sir, I was working as a senior manager in a private bank at Ichalkaranji, Maharastra and I was suspended in the year March 2011 and was dismissed from service from March 2012. Now i had filed a case in the district labour court at Tirunelveli Sir my question is after suspension all my accounts were frozen and I was not allowed any single debit operations. For this I had no proof only bank account statement is available. The Bank credited the subsistence allowance to my frozen account and debit the required amount of money from my account and credited towards a loan account (festival loan) of mine but not allowed any debit operations to me. Despite 6 to 7 seven letters they had not allowed to take the money. After closing the loan the cheque was directly sent to me after seven months.I want to know whether it is against natural justice and whether I can proceed this point. The proofs I am having is my seven letters and my account statement and the information of dates received from my Information department through phone.(The dates of marking lien or stop payment )