Survey Number

Hi Sir, I am planning to buy a plot in a village, below are the questions I have can you please guide on this. 1) It's a 5 acres land with multiple survey numbers, converted agriculture to non-agriculture land. On the Sale deed Initial Sellar is a Lady with 85 Years Old Had a Patta on this Land and sold to the owner from whom i want to buy. But i didn't see any of the signatures or proofs of there family members, Is it going to be a problem in Future ? 2) I went to sub-registrar Office and enquired about the survey Numbers and he told that, for one they have court case and other has ROR. I Informed same to the owner and he told that there will be several parts under each survey and our survey don't have any issue. If that survey number has an issue with same owner name will that be an issue ? 3) If particular survey has a court case and went for Plot/Land Registration, do they do registration ? 4) Supposed I made a registration of a land that is in court case and i came to know about that in a later years, what would be the impact ? Please suggest on my above questions. Help is greatly appreciated. Thank you! in Advance