Partition Suit

Dear Sir, I would like to know the procedure and time ( approx. ) taken to get a legal partition by filing a partition suit for a said property, The details of the property are as below. The property situated in a prime location in Bangalore with a size of 40 x 44 has been inherited by two sisters as both parents are deceased and left no will Both sisters initially ( when in good terms ) agreed to demolish the old house in that property and built a three storey building ( 3 houses in total ) in which elder sister took a duplex house ( 1 and half floor ) and younger sister took possession of 2 other houses built in the other 1 and half floors within the building and rented out the same. Both sisters have a joint bank loan for the construction purpose of the property. When the younger sister requested for a partition deed to be done for legalizing the possession the elder sister is refusing and tries to take over all of the property ( since the younger sister lives abroad ) Mutual discussions and negotiations have been attempted number of times but the elder sister does not wish to give the partion. How to approach this issue for a resolution ? If we go for a partition suit how long ( approx. ) it may take to get a final verdict by the court ? what are the complications involved here as the said property has been rented out by both sisters ( chances of elder sis might take over the portion of younger sisters house by force or other means while the other resides overseas ) Appreciate your help and feed back on this and we would like to get in touch with you in case you suggest for a partition suit. Thanks Ganesh Srinivasan ( Spouse of younger sister )