Question regarding damage of private property

Hello Respected Lawyers I am a 30 year old male presently living in new Delhi.I live alone in a rented accommodation 2bhk flat in Uttam Nagar.I have a problem with a 60-65 year old man who lives in a big house directly opposite TO my building..I park my motorcycle outside my own gate overnight and it didn't obstruct any traffic movements..The pavement is spacious enough as my neighbors park their car in front of their house behind my bike without any hindrance to commuters and passerby's..I am new to this locality and barely know anyone here..The problem is this that the old man cuts my motorcycle seat intentionally with a blade everyday when he gets out for a morning walk with his dog..He has already broken my speedometer,keyed my bike's fuel tank..I know it is him as I put a camera overnight to record who is doing that to my vehicle..I couldn't believe when i saw him cutting my seat intentionally because I was expecting to catch school going immature children doing mischief..The irony is that the old man doesn't even know my name yet but seems committed to harm .He does this frequently sometimes 2-3 days in a row and sometimes within a gap of 2-4 days .I have not spoken to anyone about this yet and have changed my seat for 7 times already..This has cost me much purchasing a new seat after every 10-12 days and find it cut deep every morning.I have 1 video of him doing the act and I plan to keep my camera daily overnight to record him doing it for many times.Direct altercation is not an option for me as I am new here (3 months) and live alone while the old man lives with his whole family and they have lived here for years..Everyone in society knows him but no one knows me here so I fear ,a face to face talk could become very ugly. Could you please advice me what course of action shall I take..Can I make charges for mental harassment along with property damage and vandalism or should i continue changing my seat after it's been destroyed by him.Can I use that video and any future recordings as an evidence if need arises?