employer refused to give me salary

sir i was employed as marketing person in a financial services company in dec'2014 at pune. at the time of interview one of the partners told me that appointment order will be issued to me on date of joining. appointment order was never issued at all. my salary was fixed at rs 12000. at time of interview i told the partners that i am trying for entering entertainment industry for which they said me to keep trying. i attended auditions for movies and serials during sundays at mumbai and worked in office during week days and this was known to the partners. during end of december i was permitted to attend my exams and i was given leave for exam purpose. i was selected in a film company in mumbai and that too was within the knowledge of partners. suddenly towards end of december the partner whom i was reporting to was on leave. after my exams were over in 1st week of january 2014 i started attending office. when i asked for my salary for month of december, i was told misleading informations that the partner whom i was reporting to was in chattisgarh and then at calcutta. when i had to leave for joining film company at mumbai i was told that my salary of rs 12000 will be given to me. but the 3 partners conspired and with held my salary. as a result i was having only 1 meals a day as i had no money with me. i was literally begging with my former company at pune. but i was not given my salary. please give advice regarding criminal and civil action that are at my disposal.