Domestic violence false complain by wife

Got Married in dec 2014 and we came to US in mid of jan 2015. My wife start getting call from her house and poking her against me. One day i over heard the phone call and got to know that her parent are plotting against me. She stayed with me for 15 days in US and one day she let home with the people who clam that they are her relative. She left my house saying will be back in couple of days and later staying a month in US with so called relative and left india without informing me. After 4 month they filled DV and dowery case in india . I like to know what should i do , I have being asked to come to india by police for counseling before going further step for divorce. I am confused what effect i can face if i go india. I dont want my passport to be blocked. After seen and hearing her fathers intension I am sure they can do anything. She broke her leg in india after 1 month say there and they complained that i have beaten her and broke her leg. Please advice how to fight with these type of liar. Currently its look they married for money as if they want divorce why they were quite for 4 months . Please advice