Sir this bharani, my brother has been booked 498a in the month of may 2014. Before booking case my sister in law went to her home 3 before with all gold Arnaments wedding clothes forcefully with 10 to 12 members. At that we didnt complain any case againt them for doing so as we didn't expect to fall in this crime. after she went to her home she booked a complaint and asked to come down to have couinselling. we did not go there as my lawyor suggestion and in course of three months we sent a legal notice to her home that she had to come down to matrimonial home as soon as possible. on receiving that notice police come to home and take to station there after booked a case againt all my family members. after one year judge gave couselling both of them and she back my home and next day she went to her home and booked [deleted] cases and again 498a. i forgot to mention one thing that she has boy friend and her family are also fully attached to him and her, we just notice that matter by receiving massages to her phone and before ask explanation all this has happened. am asking u to help for further actions that we need to do