Partition of ancestral property

Dear Sir, We are four brothers & four sisters, out of which one sister is no more. We have our ancestral property (house) which was bought by my father in the year 1959 in Delhi. Now my father and mother are no more. My father expired way back in 1976 and mother in 2006. We all brothers and sisters don't live in the property acquired by our father except one brother, who was working in Delhi. Till the death of my mother we all were visiting our ancestral house frequently for any occasions / functions in the family. Now, since last two years we are trying to convince our brother who is leaving in the property to sell out the property and distribute the share of the proceeds amongst each legal heirs (including the children of our deceased sister) as the need of time also says that. But my brother who is leaving and enjoying the fruitfulness of this property is not turning around. Now the situation is like that he even is not allowing anyone to enter into the house. Kindly help in advice, how to proceed with this legally. Whether I should file a suit for partition. If I file a suit for partition what would be the court fee implication (as a male member) OR Should we all issue a notice to him after that we all together file a suit against him. Please advice what I should do ??? I will be grateful