Family dispute

I am 49 years and my wife is 43 . We are married from last 20 plus yrs. we have 2 kids age 21 and 18. we have a 3BHK flat on both of our names. wife is working. i was umemployed for 3 yrs from 2015-18 . last year i got a job but salary is not that great . son has taken a admission without my consent to a university of which i can not afford the fees .i am paying EMI and mntn of the flat. taken a loan for daughter's fees and so repaying that as well from my salary. plus i am in mumbai for a job and wife is in bangalore. on top of the emi and mntn and repayment of loan i have my personal expenses on medicines/doctors and others. i told my wife and son that in this salary i will not be able to finance son's education /fees as its beyond my capacity.not they are forcing me to sell the property to financially support the education to which i refused to do so. not they are thretening me that they will send me a legal notice /file a divorce and will ask for alimony and that way they will force me to sell the property and will get the money from me . please suggest what can i do legally to stop this . can my wife take any legal action to force me to sell the property in this case ?