Non registration of case against PP by Authorities us 19(a) EPAct

Dear Sir, 2x500 MW Marwa Tendubhata thermal power project has been accorded environment clearance dated 05.02.2008 which expired on 05.02.2013 but project proponent did not submitted any request for extension of environment clearance and lighted up unit on 12.12.2013. At the time of lightup project proponent was not having any Environment Clearance or Consent to Operate as per EIA Notification 2006 and Water and Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act. This illegal trial light up and synchronization of units continued till 30.03.2014. On 31.03.2014 Project Proponent was accorded Consent to Operate. These facts has been communicated to competent authorities u/s 5 of EP Act (i.e. Secretay MOEFCC, RO MOEF Bhopal, Chairman CPCB, SPCB and Principle Sec. Environment of CG to register case against project proponent under section 19(a) for violation u/s 15 & 16 of EIA Notification, Air and Water Act. But proponent has not taken any credible action. Project Proponent requested Regulatory authority and EAC thermal power and coal mining project in its 34th Meeting dated 29-30 April for Extension of EC. I have informed the EAC & Regulatory Authority about violation but EAC has recommended the regulatory authority that "Request for Extension of EC may be considered in public interest. please guide what to do to register case against officers of project proponent for violation and to register complain case against competent authorities who deliberately not registered the case against Project proponent u/s 19(1) and issued any direction u/s 5 of EP Act