How to save my family & friends from my cruel & suspicious wife?

I have been married to my wife since past 6 yrs who is extremely suspicious and cruel. We have one child also. I and my female colleague (who I see as my sister and a good friend) have been working together since past many years in a company. My wife has been torturing me taking female colleague's name and suspecting that we have wrong relationship. We have strong bonding as brother sister and have seen many good and bad times of life together. But all relationship is pure. My wife has all suspicion based on things like: We used to go for outing or for watching movie etc. She has some sms which prove that we had gone for outing etc Mt wife has been torturing me, and my family members.. By saying bad things, hitting me and my mother, misbehaving and threatening me to put me and my family and friends in jail. I am living a very bad life with this suspicious lady. I have sentiments for my kids also. But my present priority becomes how to save me and my family & friends from my wife. Pls suggest how can I save all of us legally, since she can file any day any false case against us. Also pls suggest what proofs should I collect to prove her misbehaviour.