Cheque bounce case

Hi, I joined a software company as a fresher, where in I was made to sign a 6 months bond, and was asked to submit all my original certificates and place a check of 80,000 rupees as a security, which I did. The cheque was not dated. These things happened in November 2013. But after working there for four months, I was really fed up with the hectic work schedule, overtime works, usually I stay there for 10-11 hours, moreover I dont saw any career growth in that company. Also my health conditions was not good to put up with the night shifts and all. I escaped from there as they are not ready to relieve me without giving the bond amount.That was during February 2014. Then in March 2014 (10/3/2014) I mailed HR that I want my certificates back and get me exempted from the bond as my health conditions are not so good to continue the work. They asked for the medical certificate to be submitted in next 2 days or else they are going to present the check. I mailed the scanned copy of the medical certificate issued by a govt. hospital doctor on 12/3/2014. There after they didn't contacted me, but after 2 weeks i got a letter stating that they submitted the check in bank and checked bounced with "INSUFFICIENT FUNDS", I didn't replied to that letter. Now in May 2015 i got a summons from the court to be present before the Judicial First Class magistrate on a charge of U/S 138 NI act. I managed to get a log register from the company that shows my daily working hours like 9-11 hours average. Can I do anything with this log register?? What should I do now? Is the case relevant as I submitted the medical certificate? Is the case valid after 1 year?