Wife Deserted for almost 7 more than months

Hi, My name is Ahmed. I got married in 2010 and it's been five years of our unsuccessful marriage. every few months me and my wife fights for no valid reason except my wife saying ( want to go to my mom's home as two of her elder sisters are staying there along with their husbands as ghar jamai.) My father in law was a very wonderful person. he expired prior to our marriage and my mom in law is a neurology patient but she is perfectly fine in health by the grace of God. every few days my wife used to ask me to drop her to her parents home and I drop her but then she refuses to come back. suppose she wants to go for 2 days but she will return after fighting for 8 days. this things were going on for 5 years and resulting in major and longer separations once in a year so this is my 5th time long separation with my wife in 5th year of my marriage. three years back she started demanding for a separate home for her then later she kept quiet. But now she is asking me to come and stay with her mom in her home as a ghar jamai and give her monthly expenses. at last I was so much mentally tortured (because I love her more than anything in my life) that I accepted her forced decision on me and agreed to her decision and started to stay there in her moms home for few days I used to go to her home after I come back from my office in the evening and in the morning I used to go back to my house but after few days she started ignoring my calls and started to ignore me. the main reason for all our irritated married life is her two elder sisters.(my wife doesn't have any Male elders in her family and she has no brothers.) these two elder sisters are the worst persons that I had ever seen in my life. they ask her to avoid me and she avoids me she listens to them as whatever they ask her to do. unfortunately these two of my sister in laws husbands are fed up with them and as they control their husbands their husbands listen to as they say and those husbands doesn't have any courage to say anything. because of staying at her moms home at least 15-20 days in a month we don't have any kids. I tried everything which I could have done to make her understand what is right and what is wrong she understands when I'm with her but the moment I leave her for few minutes she would be brain washed again by her sisters. tried to involve my parents to fix things. listened to her and fulfilled all her wishes as she says, gave her everything the best which I can provide her with luxuries. expensive things for daily needs and everything which I can do for her comfort. my mom and dad work and they never interfere with in our personal life instead they try to ask her and me and they try to explain us not to repeat this again and to have a happy life. but now my parents are fed up with every time going to her home and listen to the un imaginable words and foul language spoken by her sisters. her sisters doesn't want her mother to get involved in these things. and they never let me speak to my wife or my mother in law when I try to go to their home to fix things. the main thing is I love my wife a lot and don't want to leave her. and my wife also love me unconditionally but as she is so unlucky to get into some ones words and gets brain washed, Now she is asking me either to come and stay with her family as a ghar jamai and listen to whatever she says or to divorce her she has left me with just 2 options. me I would like each and everyone to be as one family and be happy. I want to spend life with her, have babies with her and lead a happy life with her. my parents works and i have one younger sister we all love my wife very much. my wife works as a teacher in a small school despite of me saying you don't need to work I'll give you the salary you earn by working but she refuses. I did not take any dowry for marriage and I work in a private company with a handsome salary . my wife is asking me to leave my parents forever and stay with her as ghar jamai with her mom with i cannot do because I also has a family and I am the only son to my parents. my age us 27 and my wife is of 27 years. it's been seven months since we are separated. and the last time spoke to her was a month ago but now she is not replying to my messages and she doesn't answer my calls. any suggestion or help will be highly appreciated. Thank You.