Regarding Divorce

Good Morning! My friend got married in 2011 ..the girl started the problem from the day of marriage, my friend lived with her only for 5 days,the physical relationship between them was also by force by the girl, my friend was not interested,...later she started suspecting him, threatening to commit suicide so my friend filed the divorce case n 2013Nov. His divorce case is still in court and the girl is demanding 35 lakhs to sing the divorce papers. She pulled the family to the Police station,insulted , got people to my friends place .. went to his relatives place , got MAHILA SANGA ladies to his place and created all possible dramas.But my friend doest have so much of amount to pay the girl. She even demanded monthly expenses of rs 25k, and medical expenses of 50k( without any medical reason) but my friend produced his rent document and other loans documents saying he will not be able to pay,and he is already under detb. What do you think is the solution, by when will court declare Divorce in such situation? Thank you in advance for the help, he is really disturbed not able to proceed in his career, Please advice.. Regards,