Termination after resignation

Dear Experts, Brief facts of my case is presented below 1. I resigned on 6th October 2014, stating that I giving one month notice and my last day of work would be 5th November 2014. I requested to let me know if there is any task to be completed else notice period to be treated as paid leave. The resignation was hand delivered as well as sent by RPAD 2. Now, employer does not respond to my resignation and offers to keep quiet. 3. My employer continues contributing employee share and employer share of EPFO without PAYING SALARY IF I AM TO BE CONSIDERED ON ROLLS. 4. I took up new job assuming my resignation is deemed to have been accepted. 5. On 24 February 2015, employer wakes up and and sends show cause giving 15 days time asking me why I should not be terminated for DATA MANIPULATION. 6. I did not respond as I am not employee any more 7. On 11th march 2015 employer sends termination notice 8. Interstingly employer did not remit Feb 2015 PF contribution but remitted for 11 days in March which again shows termination was pre planned My contention 1. If employer was contemplating enquiry I should have been informed and my resignation should have been rejected or kept on hold and it should have been COMMUNICATED TO ME 2. Employer kept silent for nearly 4 months and then sends show cause to what he claims to have happened during my tenure and then terminates. 3. If employer is remitting employer and employee share even after resignation and without salary being paid it shows mismanagement and malafide intention Now, 1. Is my resignation valid ? 2. The way it happened to me, an employer can send show cause or termination anytime in life time !