we filed for 482 for 498a after a compromise,but no remedy

after the dispute i approached family court for conjugal rights , and also secured advance bail , as expected wife filed dowry against me and my family . the cops were sensible they let off my family members and filed charge sheet only against me . My in laws wanted to settle the matter so they asked me to give khula to her and also committed they will withdraw the case . we agreed and entered into an MOU , as per the MOU they returrned our valuables , jewels ect . I let go 2 lacs which was given to her during the wedding and also Mehr of 120000 . We filed for 482 in Karnataka HC , she turned up on the first day with her parents and gave a verbal statement that the matter is settled mutually and compromised and sought for KHULA , the judged asked us to file the Khula nama and gave the next date . After i have signed the Khula ( Divorce) she is not appearing before court , her lawyer doesnt not respond , and i approached her father ., he indirectly says that they want more money .else they will follow the law . I have not withdrawn the family court case , i want to know if the judge can close the case since he advised to file the khula . and also want to know if he dismisses the 482 since they are not turning up can i go for quashing against with the documents available with me .