Mantel harassment

I would like to launch a case against my sister in law. I am a husband every go for work and come back in the evening . At present I am staying with my brother and her wife.I realised that there a change in my wife behaviour. For few days I did not say any thing. I realised that she want me to Esperanto from my brother. Every day she she create new drama to make me realise this. One day I was looking t her mobile I found the cause of all this thing . I found a audio clip of her sister in which she mentioned all this. I found almost 10 to 15 clips in which she was misguiding my wife. After this I spoke to my wife and made him realise the slur of staying together. Se understood . But all those 5 to 8 month I was in a super stress situation and want my sister in law also realise this. Please guide me how to file a mental harassment case on her. I would like to punish her. Because all the time is not boys mistake. Girls also can go wrong. This hing I want my father is law family to relalise. I have a copy of all the clips with me .