Divorce by Mutual Consent

I filed for divorce through mutual consent with my wife. We were married last year and we did not consummate the marriage. I was forced into this marriage by sheer emotional blackmail by my family. But since I could'nt deal with anymore, I decided to end the marriage, although my wife was unwillingly. I convinced her to end the marriage and move on in life as I couldnt stay with the mistake I made of getting married. She has now turned around and is forcing me to stay in the marriage and is keen on getting a restitution of conjugal rights filed on me. I have no interest in her or the marriage and have explained a million times to her, her family and even counsellors about it. My estranged wife now wants to withdraw mutual consent and is adamant on not giving me a divorce even though she knows that I will never live with her. I'm willing to pay her the compensation I can afford , But I cannot even for a single day go through being married. What can I do to get a divorce? Should I file for a contested divorce? Will that resolve quickly especially given the fact that our marriage was never consummated?