illegal enchroachment beside my house

illegal Encrachment beside my house We the residents of bandra reclmantion, transist camp, BANDRA- W, are hereby lodging a complaint against a Irfan Shaikh (Gunda) who have encroached a place beside our house and adding nuisance to the neighbourhood. They occupay place is meant for pedestrians and he litter in the middle of the road and near public utlity places. We have lodged several complaints against him and this is the 4th time he has again did illegal construction beside my house. The place where i reside is of mahada and mahada had demolished that place 4 times andagain he came started making slum. yesturday when my mom (67 years old) went to stop him he started abusing her , irfan shaikhs wife started pushing my mom i was at work and she was also abussing to my mom. when my mom went to police my mom told everything to senoir police officer ghadgen..he told to my mom we can do anything we will only involve in your matter when there are fights happen. we can do anything even that police officer did not question to that irfan shaikh by whos permission you are constructing illegal enchroachment he was fighting case with mahada in civil court and there ia no such order to construct illegal enchroachment at mahada and he does not have any proof.. senior police officer did not even asked him any question when my mom was telling him to ask this question the police officer started shouting to my mom to be quite and that irfan shaikh had contructed his illegal enchroachment at other hand. this behaivour of police makes us understand there no justice giving for middle class peoples, he took our N.C and told my mom to complain at mahada and BMC , where my mom informed her that we already had complain against him and mahada and Bmc had demolishe his previous structure and now there is case going on.. and court has not given any order to construct illegal enchroachment near my house .. but that senior police was only repeating this we are there only when fights happen ... please help landmark- rangsharda hotel, transist camp , bandra reclamntion ,bandra west , mumbai -50