Need Legal Advice - 498A

Hi, My wife filed false 498A (Dowry Harassment) case on 2012 in India against me and my family (parents, sisters, brother-in-law’s and my maternal uncle), and we were arrested and I jailed three days. After couple of months my wife filed DVC (Domestic Violence) case on 2012 and it got revoked on 2014, and 498A case is still running. In mean time I came to US for job purpose and I’m in US now. My wife know that my company send me to US and now they changed their mind to continue marital life with me. I have not attending court from past 9 months for 498A case. My wife supposed to give witness in court but in spite of that they are putting pressure to come back to India and asking my opinion about reconstitution. After I went to jail I decided not to lead marital life with her at any circumstances, even court convicted or if they hang me I will be ready and happy but not leading life with my wife at all. My in-laws are in high-end real-estate business, they are very rich, and have political power, they influenced everybody. Now they are influencing differently with women sentiment that they want to lead marital life with me and getting sympathy from everybody. Jude is asking my opinion from my parents, asking me to come to India and they all are putting pressure to my parents. According the court process now my wife should give witness instead of that they are all putting pressure and asking me to come India. If I don’t go to India and my parents convey my opinion as NO to reconstitution then they are planning to issue arrest warrant. I work in MNC Company in US and my project takes another 6 months to complete, now I can’t go back to India. Even if I go to India and not returned back on time, it will be big problem. I know that if I go to India my in-laws they do any kind of thing to stop me in India itself. I need legal advice that if Judge issue arrest warrant what would be my situation in US, will they inform US police and take me to Indian jail. I can face any consequences but my parents are much worrying and suffering. So how I can contest this situation legally. Will I get bail after I go to India after 6 months even Judge issues arrest warrant? I’m planning to send mail letter to Judge about my opinion (NO to reconstitution) and asking him to continue the case by taking witness from my wife. Even then will there be a chance to issue arrest warrant by Judge saying that I’m not attending court for past 9 months. I kindly request you to please give me legal advice.