how to save

my brother is wrongly framed by my neighbor under sec 323 stating my brother hit him with a lathi . actually my neighbor himself had objected my tenant's son (11 years) sitting in sun on our terrace.wen my tenant's wife told d neighbor dat her son is sitting on our terrace n he has no right to object to her son, this man got furious and threw a brick to hit d child which my brother(who had reached d terrace on hearin the loud voices )caught n threw back tothis man's house. Then this man took a lathi and tried to hit my brother which he caught hold of . Then this man went to the police station and lodged an fir against my brother and showed his bandaged hand with a fake medical certificate dat he was hit on hand whereas he was not hit. Wen my brother went to the police station to clear his stand , the police didn't listen to him as they were under pressure of the manman's brother in law who is in police. now after 4months of this incidrnt , this neighbor has died of heart attack but his wife went to court and said he died because he was hit on chest and he got a gum chot and due to infection he died nd so d matter should change to 302. Please help by telling is it possible that the court listens to her in such fake stories and how to save my brother.