need advice for divorce process for my brother

Hi, My brother got married on 2007. after some years of happily married life my sister-in-law started mentally & physical torturing to my brother and his old parents. when the tolerance power ended, my brother one day ask her to go to her mothers place and filed divorce case against her on 2012. after getting the notice she started threatening by his brothers for taking her back, but my brother & her parents was stick on there decision after being lot of torturing.she soon went to our local PS and filed 498A against him and my brother had to go to jail for 5 days.he lost his job from then. i don't know how she managed to collect some medical certificate from some hospital stated that my brother & his family had bitten her and have done hemorrhage and submitted in court. also filed case for maintains.she came to our home with her some relatives and took all her belongings along with the bed,closet, jewelry which she got at marriage time and threaten my brother that she will never give divorce to him. after that day she just got vanished. only her advocate use to come to the court for the hearing. 1. sir, we all are really worried for my brother as he tried to commit suicide as because he came to realize that he will never be able to release from her. he lost his job and yet now he is jobless after his jail. sir, i just want to know is there is any other way to get divorce without my sister-in-laws presence? 2. as i came to know from my brothers lawyer that if any one from the party appear in the court then ex-party procedure is not possible. my sister-in-law is not coming but her lawyer is attending in all the dates. is still ex-party is possible? 4. he have no job. how he will give maintenance money?(she claimed 10,000/month). 3. please help us. we dont want to loose our boy. we want to help him to restart his life newly. thank u for reading, eagerly waiting for your reply.