How can i get justice

Sir, I am working in a company.After my shift, i with my manager coming with a bike, from which we have taken lift.After going some distance, due to speed my friend told the bike owner to get slow, but he did'nt do that, resulting he jumped from the bike, and in attempt to get left side of the road, one trailor truck hit him and this will break his right hand and he got internal injuries as well. When i saw him i really shocked on this, and called for emergency.Somehow we managed to get him to the nearby hospital, and due to not much facility in that, after firstaid they refer him to another hospital. In attempt for that, during journey, he lost his conciouness and collapsed.Doctor's declared him dead. As he is the manager, and he asked for vehicle from the company several times, for lift upto nearby busstand.But the company inspite of having vehicle, refused to give so. After his death, all my collegues and friends asked me for the whole scene, i narrate the true happenings, and also said that, if the vehicle will be provided, than this death can'nt be happend. After, 1-2 days, i came to know that company with the help of local police filed an FIR in the name of me and 3 other friends, under section 294,506,323 and 34, and in charge status, stating that i and other snatched cash,mobile and fight with our HR manager. All my friends have terminated from the job, and i am on sick leave since the incidence happen.We have spend Rs.10,000/- individually since than, and we don'nt know how much we have to pay in future. All this is a baseless according to me, and what they want we also don'nt know, but we are suffering too much, after the FIR, is this type of torture mentally,physically and financially a man can get, without his involvemnet in any case, than how long will the humanity goes? i really tried to save his life, as i know that he is from outside, and two daughters only, who are left behind, but this type of torture, inspite of my efforts i am receiving. Can you advice me, in this case what can i do in future< Vaibhav.