regarding the false case of 320

sir, 302 case is filed on my brother & father. brief description is . that my father run small transport business he fired two of his drivers on 8/5 and on 18/5 they came for the clearing of balance my father cleared their dues and their little bit of mouth fighting between them happen . on 3:30 pm they go away from my father office at appox 7 :30 my father came to know that some one fired the bullet on one of them he died . after this my father got a call from one of them saying that i giving your name for this murder . my father thought he was just joking . and my father called him again and that time he gave the phone to police man . at the time of murder my father was at home which is about 34 km from the office . and my brother is at office . but police is saying that the murder area is in 500 m of our office so my brother can be accused . even the person who had done fir is an thief already some cases of robbery running on him . even he had two other person with him who also had same back ground . they made very loss in my father business even if some one do so much loss, the company head does not have any right to say some thing to them. but they had right to make losses . my father and brother is innocent we know that and the people available at our office but please guide us how can we prove it