Regarding a query

Hello,my name is s.dutta and I am from Kolkata.Last year one of my relative has filed a criminal case against me and my family members under section-341/323/325/506/349.But I was not involved in it.He did that from the motif of revenge because before him we filed a case against him because he used to beat my grandmother every day and abused her.He used to drunk almost every day and at that day also he was drunk and in the meantime injured himself but at the police station he said that we tortured him.Now the case is in court,but we have come to an settlement,and he said that he was wrong and he wants to withdraw the case against us.All the settlement documents has been submitted in court.Now my question is that I want to give west Bengal civil service exam and indian civil service exam,so I want to know is the criminal case against me would create a problem at the time of police verification.If yes,is there any solution for it.please solve this problem.My email id [deleted]. -Thank you.