Regarding the diktat NIT, Jaipur

I am a research scholar in NIT, Jaipur receiving MHRD stipend monthly. Recently our college asked us to submit a undertaking on a 50 Rs. stamp paper with following points.It bars us from applying for any job. is it possible constitutionally ? 1. I will not receive any salary, scholarship, stipend or other financial benefits from any other source, except the institute assistantship during the period of my study at the Institute. 2. I shall not appear in any competitive examination, not related to Engg. & Technology. 3. I shall not accept any job without obtaining prior permission of the Institute. 4. I understand that I shall not be permitted to leave the programme mid way or during the entire duration of the programme (i.e. without its completion) and incase of any default I shall have to refund the entire amount of assistantship received by me. 5. I also understand that in case I withdraw from the enrolled M.Tech./M.Plan./Ph.D. programme without the approval of the institute, the caution money shall not be refunded to me .