Appeal against part of order of the Single Judge of HIGH Court

I had filed a Criminal Writ Petition in the High Court and it was decided by a Single Judge of High Court. The major judgement is in my favor but in my prayer I had asked for Process Issue against the accused. But because in the lower court JFMC the prayer was for action against Sec 156 (3) and Process Issue the Court said that due to that it is ordering for Sec 156 (3) action against accused. I had presented the case in person in the High Court and was unaware that I will again have to depend on the Police machinery for my case. The opponents are powerful companies and know how to manage the Police department and therefore I never wanted this matter to go to Police but wanted to be tried in the trial court. I have now learnt that Process Issue is the only way for it. If I wish to appeal against only the part of the judgement and want to get the Process Issue order what remedy do I have. Do I need to appeal against the Single Bench part order in Division Bench of High Court or will have to go to Supreme Court? Can I move an application in the same Single Judge Court and ask him to Issue Process. Please help and advice.