wat will be the share for daughters who got married before 1989?

Sir, my father has 2 brothers & 4 sisters in which brothers had given the release deed but sisters are not included in this release deed and they got married before 1989. My Grandfather nominates my father to be a Guardian for the whole property and it is an ancestral property. Grandfather and Grandmother was died by 1988 and 1999 respectively. Six members(2 bro and 4 sis) filed a case in District court on 2002 against my father that they need equal share in this property. After 11 years, we acquired the Judgement from the District court with favour of us. Judgement was given due to their absence of the opponent parties, the court denied this case. But opponent parties again went for an appeal in district court in 2014. Now my question is, 1. whether the female heir can get any share. If yes, what will be the share for each of them? 2. whether the HSA(amendment)2005 is applicable in this case? 3. Can male heir have any share in this property? 4. Is my father have full rights to sale the property?