mental harassment by wife

Sir i got married in 2005,we have son(10yrs) and a daughter who is a special child(7yrs). in very first year my wife forced me to live separately from my parents. We live separately in a rented house. But for last 9 years my wife tortured me a lot. She never take care of me nor my children. she hate childrens ,especilly daughter.she oftenly left us and go to her mother(parental house). again an again i bring him back by accepting her demands of more money and no responsibilities. she abuse an threaten to lodge a false complaint against me. bcz my daughter needs a special attention,an son has own needs so i was forced to leave my job to take care of them.I came back to my parental home in june 2014. but here the behaviour of my wife towards me,children and to my old mother has become worst. she again left us in Nov2014.i left alone for children an mother with struggling hands for earnings. i submit application to Gram Panchayet for help. on hearing (19th may) she alleged me for physical cruility, not giving money,which was absolutely false. Panchayet decided that i have to keep her in a separate house, with all facilities, and if she complaints any thing then action will be taken against me. I have few recordings in which she is asking for divorce and even abusing me. i have my personal diaries i have written for last 5 years, each day,how she tortured me. but she denied everything . I have produced hir write up in which she mentioned that i dont want to continue this relation and leaving me an children without any demand. But she refused. after Panchayet decision, she threatened me that now you will face worst. Now pls guide me what should i do?