Regular job with Regular Degree

Sir, (Sorry for my poor english) I am a student pursuing Master in Computer Application(MCA). Now i am in 4th semester(total 6 semesters). I took admission in july-2013. After Bachelor of Computer Application(BCA) i filled a govt job form ie Suchana Sahayak(Informatics assistant IA) by DOITC . I got selected and joined on 18th November-2013. But i knew that i cannot pursue both MCA and IA job since both are regular. I didnt want to drop MCA thus i never went to Job after joining. Meanwhile i tried to get NOC from DOITC(dept. of info. tech. and commn. Rajasthan) for education purpose but they denied by saying that NOC can be given to only final year student not the first year students. Now since i was regular to my MCA course the Department send me notices for not attending office a few times even a last notice saying that they are now asking to authorities to terminate my IA job. I was aware of this earlier. And that's not a big deal since i don't care if they terminate my service. But the problem aroused a few days ago when my HOD(head of department of MCA course) knew about my job. Now he is asking me to show the proof that says 'i an not doing the IA job' but technically my service is not terminated yet. I told him that i can show him proofs about the fact that i am not going to IA job and can show him my notice about termination. But he is stuck to this point that he wants a proof that says my job is terminated. He is saying if i wont give him proof then he will mark me absent in my practical exams. But i said earlier i was regular to MCA and already given my main exams of 4th semester and practicals also. i have admit card issued by university showing eligibility for exam and i even passed 3 semesters already. but he says that my degree will be canceled and he will mark me absent in exams. i don't know what to do. he is not ready to listen anything. Please guide me Thanking You Rajesh kumar