Bantwara Between Brother

My Father has 5 brother (A,B,C,D&E) and three sister. My grandfather died in 1996. Brother B(had a girl) also already died near 1997-98 and after that a bantwara excuted between brothers in 6 division 5 brother and mrother. Mr. D claimed Mr. B gifted all property to me but not proved, But my father Mr. C refused to bantwara and not signed bantwara document. after that Mr. A filed a case against my father Mr. C for Bantwara which was rejected by court some year ago due to non preaense of my father because my farher had not received any notice from court. We comes to Mr. B's girl transfers property to Mr. D some year ago. In last year my grandmother also expired , Now we want bantwara via court so what we should do now? Can My Father Mr. C can authorise us to take care legal proceedings ? We want to file a suit by which no one can use that property till matter decided by court, so how I can do it ? Any provision by which property sealed by court. And Can one brother transfer his property to another brother or third party in this case ? Is transfer by Mr. B's girl to Mr. D is legal ? Is any transfer or sale is valid ?