Need some Advices

Hi , I got married last year Feb . After 20 days marriage he travels onsite . Then he came back after 7 months .I was here alone .Then after he came back my sis in law came to stay with us . So BAsically we didnot get time to get to know each other as the House is small.Some time My in laws were also coming. But Last March we had a samll issue .Then my sister law misbehave me and left the house .Then my husband told me to leave too .Because if i would not leave all would believe i needed privacy so i did all those stuff.SO i left also .Then he told me I was correct my place and his family should reailase the stuff fro that we need to apply for divorce.Then when i told my parent about this ,they got angry.My father abused my in laws.Till then my husband is with me .After my father stuff he became against me. Now All things are against me .I met my husband after 40 days and told i could not stay without his .Then he told , he cant stay with me .Only if his parent will allow then he accept me.So i called my in laws and said sorry .I literally begged them 1 last chance .They told me make an affidavt and accept all my mistakes .Then i made that also i wrote my mistake as i should not leave the house and i was inderctly cause of my father only . But they refused that.They want line by line all the mistake in written .. Then i thought i can go against me .SO i told my husband and he told not to involve him with this. Then he by mistake told me that their parent were thinking from 1st day like i will take away my husband from their family. Now i stooped trying anything .My all the stuff like gold, my saress , my other things are with him .I didnot take it because i was in pg .I thougt i will take later or after some day i will caome back to him . But now he is saying only if he will give when he lawyer will tell. Now he is asking for divorce .He is saying for mutual divorce. I dont want divorce .Still i want to be with him .We were happy together .I am stuck here .Please give some advices