we are Hindu & in India 7 years back,. My daughter got married to an Indian boy(born & studied in India) who was working in USA(California), as per Hindu rituals in India. Due to differences . my daughter is now with us since last 5 months.Recently she wnt to USA on a short social visit where she has received an summons from court of California (Divorce) wherein She is required to attend the court within 30 days. We are for mutual consent Q1.Is she obliged to compulsorily attend the court & contest? If yes then for what period she will have to stay there to contest.(She is a green card holder). Normally how many sittings take place & gap between each sitting(approximately) .She has no financial resources to pay for the court & attorney fees, her stay & other expenses of travelling etc.Will the court order the petitioner to pay for her expenses in advance?. She has no credit card & very limited money. Will the divorce decree be valid in India- for either? Q2. Can she skip attending the court in California?/ Will it be attracting any law? In case of an ex party decree by the California court, be valid in India also? Can we also file an suit in Indian court? If the boy does not attend will it be still be valid for either? We are also interested in quick settlement & want the whole process to be neat & clean.