divorce petitions by husband

My marriage was arranged by my parents in 2011. But since I was engaged my father and sisters in laws started creating issues.I got married in extreme conditions and was thrown out of their house on the 2nd day of our marriage.me with my husband cometo my mothers place where he got fainted and we had to admit him.next morning when he came in sences we went to his home again.and in the evening we both came back to my place and moved to his place of posting.after spending few days there I came back to my mothers place and stayed their more then 4 months then got transferred to my husbands location.in four months not even a single person came from my in laws side to bring me back to their house. I started my life in a new city where i used to perform all the responsibilities from home and office without a single help from my husband His only fascination was bedroom relationships.everything was going okay but then he started forcing me to talk to his family he used to torture me mentally by showing me as if he has got a attacked or a stock in fear I used to talk to his family while I never got proper response I was insisted to visit his home while going to my mothers place I used to visit them but never stayed their because of a fear of getting murdered In meanwhile j got pregnant and I got the same mental torture during the pregnancy. He used to insists me for physical relationships till the 7th month and then I come back to my mothers place for delivery. I went back to my mothers place after getting discharged from hospital as no one from his family came to took me with my daughter to their home They were unhappy and not even a single person wished me But again my husband insisted me to celebrate my daughters daston function in his home when I went their there were only his sisters and father it was just another day in his home Though I felt so bad but I didn't said anything while they have spoiled my daughters life time event I came back to my place of posting and mean while my father in law visited us twice. My husband some how made me agreed to leave my job..but then I thought it would be wrong. I asked him to ask his father to come and stay with us but he denied than I asked my mother to come and stay with us so that I can join back. My mother came to stay with us on a condition that she was giving money for household expenses as we'll as a rd in my daughters name. I used to get very tired after office than buying fruits veggies and other household material and travelling long.than I used to bring my daughter to park and then cooking food I used to be so tired that it was becoming tuff to meet his physical desires every night. And some how I realised he neither used to talk to my mum nor used to take any responsibility of my daughter I was taking my daughers responsibility .one day he almost raped me since than I started sleeping in my mothers room with my daughter He went to our native place and when come back he denied to cone back to home I went his office to bring him back but he didnt After 4 - 5 days I got a notice of divorce under sec 13. What can I do now please suggest if I don't want to divorce can he be granted by court