Painting charges on a rental house

The owner has asked us to vacate the house after our stay of 8 months. He is also asking for 1 month's rent for painting charges. My understanding from the rental agreement is that we are obliged to pay the rental agreement upon the expiry of the stipulated term which is 11 months. Please let me know your opinion. Following are the relevant points from the rental agreement: 14. Both the Parties can terminate this agreement at any time by giving forty-five (45) days written notice to the other Party. 15. Both the parties agree that upon expiry of the initial tenure of this Agreement of eleven months, the same shall be deemed to have been renewed until either party serves a written notice of forty-five (45) days for termination of this agreement. Accordingly, the TENANT agrees to pay the enhanced rent by 5% of the previous monthly rent on expiry of every eleven months tenure of such extension. 16. That on the expiry of the stipulated term and/or renewed period, the TENANT shall vacate and deliver back vacant possession of the Schedule Premises to the LANDLORD in good and tenantable condition in which it is let-out subject to reasonable wear and tear. The TENANT agrees to pay the LANDLORD a sum equivalent to one (1) month’s rent as Painting Charges at the time of vacating.