Cheated by Flipkart

Well this is regarding LAKME Eyeconic Kajal brought through Flipkart purchased vide order Number OD[deleted].The product was turned out to be fake as verified by Hindustan lever limited (HUL). This was contrary to statements mailed by their representatives Viz. 1. Product is not authentic (as claimed by Bhargavi G, Arvind G & Sachin Kumar S) 2. Hasn’t gone through the requisite quality checks (as claimed by Bhargavi G & Sachin Kumar S). Flipkart assisted sale of counterfeit Product by offering it at ¼ of original product price & thus persuaded consumers, across India, to purchase it at throwaway price i.e. Indirect Marketing. This was made possible only because of the faith people have in Flipkart, needless to say confidence developed by repeated claims of products being sold under Flipkart umbrella to be authentic brand and quality tested. Had it been some road side vendor offering the product at 1/4th of price, situation would have been just opposite. I have testing and verification certificate of HUL. The product is with HUL only & they wanna submit the product, as proof, in court. It is meant for most vital and sensitive part of body, i.e. eyes & potential harm can well be perceived.I want to proceed legally & lodge a case against M/s Flipkart.