Request For Legal Advice –Regarding Marriage Certificate (Last Na

Respected Experts, Kindly advise me on the below concern of mine. It will be really helpful!! All my Educational Certificates, PASSPORT, PANCARD, Ration Card, Voter ID and Financial Documents (Bank Accounts, Fixed Deposits, PPF, Life Insurance Policies, etc) have my maiden name mentioned in them because these documents were issued before my marriage. Father Name – Kalyan Ghosh Full Name - Amrita Ghosh My marriage was solemnized on Jan 2012 and registered in Kolkata on April 2012. In the Marriage Certificate, my last name got changed to my husband name with a mention of my maiden name as well by using the word ‘nee’. Spouse – Suresh Babu Father Name – Kalyan Ghosh Full Name - Amrita Suresh Nee Ghosh Question: Even though my last name in marriage certificate got changed to Amrita Suresh nee Ghosh but I desire to retain forever my maiden name - Amrita Ghosh in all my documents like passport, pancard and bank accounts. Is this lawfully correct? Question: Can I revert my name from Amrita Suresh nee Ghosh to Amrita Ghosh (maiden name) in the marriage certificate? If yes what's the procedure to do it? Thanks in advance Amrita