Legal advice about a case of fight

Sir, in jan 2012 i was traveling from kharagpur jn to Puri jn in a train with my wife,parents one brother and sister when few local boys started eve teasing,singing burglar songs and consuming liquor etc.I asked them to stop these nonsense but they started abusing me and also they all attacked me.They hit me on my head and so it started bleeding,also one of them bite my wife thumb with his teeth.After all these we reported this matter to on board RPF team.They took them all to next station(Bhadrak,Odisa) and also asked us to lodge a complain to Bhadrak GRP.We do the same.After all these in coming days we forget this issue but now those chaps advocate is sending us letters/notices to come to Bhadrak court for solving this issue as Bhadrak GRP registered FIR againset them and now matter is under trail.Sir now i am not interested in this matter and I pardon them all.But now i have no time to go Bhadrak to attend any hearing etc.Till date i did not received ant notice from court.Kindly advice me how could i solve this issue without going over there ans if at all i am not going there then is there any chance of court action against me. Thanks