Quashing of fir lodged in theft case of electricity

Sir, I am Govt. Employees and i have been allotted a govt. quarters at dev nagar on 27/11/2014. after allotment of govt. i have applied online for meter connection on 03/12/2014 and after that the forms were collected by BSES. After generating online demand note i have deposited security money for Rs.1800/- on 18/12/2014. I had shifted to the quarter in first week of Jan 2015. About 100 quarters were allotted by CPWD including me. When i shifted in the quarter, the electric connection were available in the all the quarters made by CPWD. On 25/02/2015 the enforcement cell has made the raid in the premises of dev nagar and about 10 nos. of govt. allottee quarters were booked under theft and an amount of Rs.54,903.75 bill of electricity was sent to me. After that I have written to BSES my grievances and BSES have settled my bill to Rs.2577/- which I have been paid and they have given letter to us that concern police station to take no action against all the consumer paid the settled amount. But police have filled fir against me out of 10 pers. Now, i want to quash the fir since i have paid the amount and settled the case. What should i do.