I have been harassed mentally from the next day of marriage by my mother in law and husband Family. My husband was once engaged , !and it lasted for 2 yrs. At the end of 2 yrs, it ended up in an arguemnet and this didnt proceed further. As it was informed to me earlier ,that was not a concern for me. But after marriage my in law insulted me multiple times comparing me to the other girl. Also she created a lot if problems and harassed my parents telling about wedding function. As there were some minor errors in case of muhurt. In this name she tortured me badly. My parents approached them to bond the famiky each other , but she was not ready for that. She also used to call my husband and talk for 2 -3hrs cntnsly when he was working in office. She was trying to impose upon him to enquire and involve in my property documents and my gold. But he was jot tgat k8nd of person who s really worried about ithers property. He was neutral among the both. My in law is a widow. Also have only sinfle child. Co sidering this i kept silent and beared upon whaever she did. But she tried her maximum to split me and my husband. She use to also duscourage me from getting pregnant also does cursing to mentally harass me during my pregnancy . She also use to tell boy child is a boon and girl child is a curse. Think8ng itz risky for my pregnancy we m8ved to rented home directly opposite to my flat. other one was my husbands own home. Am also working in one part of the house. But she again harasses me to disturb my work. Also she demanded me not to go there . She is a working lady. Still she wants my husband to spend on herr and make him work like servant as he is taking care of me does she have any right to get out of my husbands home??Legally who is having right to stay in husband's home me or the mother in law..? i have voice recorded proofs against her regarding her plans in phone to torture me. How can i legally move against her. ? What are the proofs i should collect? Who is having more right to stay in husbands home me or she?? Please help me. Today our financial condition is too bad due to overload expenses. Please help me