Conditional conveyance/sale deed

I had purchased a property (Villa) from Builder (Omaxe Ltd). Recently they had transferred property by performing Deed of Sale/Conveyance in favor of me and it is registered now. This deed is look like more an agreement. This deed has many clause few of them given below. 1. That the Purchaser/Vendee shall not change color scheme of the outer walls or painting of exterior side of doors and windows etc. or carryout any change in the exterior elevation or design. Further, the Purchaser/Vendee, if permitted/allowed may make additional construction with the prior approval of the concerned authority in respect thereof. 2. That the Purchase/Vendee(s) shall be under obligation to execute' a separate Maintenance Agreement with the Promoter/Vendor or the Maintenance Agency (if not already executed, within 15 days of the execution & Registration of this deed or otherwise it will be deemed to have been signed and executed by the Purchaser/Vendee(s) with all consequential effects flowing therefore) 3. That whenever the title of the said Villa is intended to be transferred in any manner whatsoever, the transferor and proposed transferee shall prior to execution & registration of transfer deed obtain NOC from the Promoter/Vendor. and/or Maintenance Agency. 4. In the event of death of the Purchaser/Vendee, the person on whom the rights of deceased devolve shall, Within three months of devolution, give notice of such devolution to the Promoter/vendor and the Maintenance Agency and get the necessary entries made/done in the record of Promoter/Vendor/Maintenance Agency on payment of prescribed fee therefore My Queries: 1. Is it possible to transfer a property on conditional sale deed for which I paid complete amount and have No Due certificate from Builder. 2. Even after acquiring ownership rights from registered Sale/Conveyance deed, Is it necessary to take NOC from builder before any further sale/transfer? 3. Does builder still have any legal right on my property? With Thanks and Regards,