Acquirement of own share of property

Firstly, let me describe the state of affairs: My late grandfather bought a plot of land (10 kottahs) alongwith a house. After his demise,the entire property was mutated with My grandmom,dad,3 uncles and an aunt, declaring all six of them as the owners of the property. Currently,since the house is in a very delapidated condition,and not large enough,some of us want a partition to be done. But at the same time, one of them is sternly against it. He has inherited a lot of property from his inlaws and as such,is not interested here.Again,he wont let any of us to live happily. My questions: Is it possible by law,and without moving court,to leave his share and divide the rest of the property amongst the remaining owners? Is it possible,without moving court,to obtain our share from within the property? Can any one owner lead to the suffering of all others just because he doesnt want a share? ** You are requested to post your valuable suggestions,but this is also to inform you that'amicable settlement" is almost impossoble.