Withdrawal without consent from personnel salary account

It is a pure case of revenge on lower grade employee, (AS WITHDRAWAL WITHOUT CONSENT FROM OUR JOINT ACCOUNT IN NAME OF 3 PERSONS) The amount debited was a wrongful credit given to my account, when it was given, and by whom it was given, and regarding excess salary paid to employees, Government of India guidelines not followed, and the industry do not have independent guidelines till date, taking the rbi provision for transaction corrections for wrongful credit in salary account, a revenge was taken that is without consent of any account holders funds were transferred, and further it is mentioned that it is not ill treatment/theft etc when there are 413 employee in Hyderabad circle why only one employee account target. because the same employee asked years back regarding stoppage of increment of workman needs authority letter/document which is not held and continued same practice the head salary/wages is concerned with employee/employer with in organization (SBI) but our personnel account without any prior notice, and even without consent withdrawn and various damages caused due to this unlawful act, for a loan 30000 various documents required, but for a mount of more than 69000 nothing is sort, which is nearly 3 monthly salary of the above account holders. wrongful practices were adopted