Job discrimination in Defence, police and in government sectors

Respected Madam/Sir, I would like to bring into notice to the judicial department regarding the job discrimination by defence/police and other government organizations during their recruitment process. During the recruitment process they are rejecting the candidates just because of the physical appearance i.e., they are fixing some physical fitness criteria’s e.g. Min Height of 175cms. Something this criteria’s improvement control is not in the hands of the candidate, like weight we can improve in course of time by taking good supplements and can improve the weight or the IQ which we can increase it by continuous practice. So the candidate is completely refused to give a chance to participate or not given the opportunity equally with others just because of the mere physical appearance. Candidate whose height is above or equal to the fixed criteria is given a chance in all the sectors and they are restricted anywhere (like you can’t participate in this selection because this is reserved for the people who is having height of less than min criteria). The candidates who are less in height don’t have any reservations at all and they are not falling under the physical disability category also. So kindly help me on how to tackle this issue and how to help those candidates from discriminated. Please let me know if you need any more details for more clarification. Thanks in advance!