Defamation case

I am a woman 35 years old, working as a freelancer for a very small company with 9 employees.Very recently my employer told me to leave job with immediate effect but very disrespectfully. I was deeply hurt with the way he spoke to me so I wrote an email to all of my peers including my employer starting what and how did it happen and specifically asked for his apology. This email contained details on how did our conversation went and what I felt during that conversation and after that conversation with him. My employer managed to block/delete that email so it did not reach anyone. So I sent same email in the evening once more and urged employees to stand up when faced with such a situation. This time, my employer called me and started threatening me to file a defamation case OR stop spreading the word as this may damage his reputation. My peers have been calling to understand what has been happening and I have told them the same thing what I wrote in the email. So I would like to confirm if I can be pulled into court for such an action ? If so, what advise you have for me ?