claiming of streedhan

hi, i am ritu. I married in year 2009.It was a love marriage . But at the initial stag both my parents and inlaws agreed and accepted and then it was like a normal family. But after a few years after my son born . My in law's (Father in law and my sister inlaw) nature changes. Actually me and my husband reside away from the home town as he is in a private organisation. Due to my pregnancy I have to come to my parents home , after my son born i went to in laws house where they started behaving strangely and one they without any reason my sister inlaw forcefully taken me and left me to my parents house. At that time my husband was not in town, as he was posted away. He supported me a lot and his request my parents did not took any legal actions. My husband desperately tried to keep the relations good with my inlaws but nothing good happened till now. Now this month even my husband after all hardships of keeping the relation good , lost all hopes so he decided to make the distance from them and asked my jewellery from my inlaws which was gifted to me by them on the occassion of marriage, but my sister in law (divorced) and father inlaw denied to give the same. Please advice what can be done in this case as my husband do not to go harsh on his father and sister.